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Consignment Terms & Conditions

​• Ownership/Authority to Sell: I/we state that I am the legal owner or I have legal authority to sell the property being consigned. I understand that Martin Auction shall have the right to collect attorney fees, interest and/or collection costs and disbursements in the event that I shall default on any transaction(s) at this auction in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth. Further, I agree to pay same.  
• Consignor agrees to assume responsibility and render payment for any applicable sales tax.
• Consignor agrees that there are no liens or encumbrances against any items being sold; any liens against said items will be disclosed to the auction company (per Uniform Commercial Code).
• Items will be sold As-Is, regardless of price. Owner guarantees are not validated by Martin Auction.  
• I agree and give authority to Martin Auction Services, L.L.C. to sell my item(s) at public auction or privately or at on-line auction. I agree that said items will be sold absolute – without reserve price of any kind – unless I, the seller, am present to represent my item during the bidding process and have paid the $50 no-sale fee. These terms may apply to re-checked items at future auctions as well. 
• An item consigned for a 3rd consecutive auction will be sold ABSOLUTE with no opportunity for a minimum price. Any items Not Sold at the Second Auction Must Be Removed within two weeks. Abandoned items will revert to Martin Auction and we will take whatever action is needed to dispose of the items remaining.  
• We are not responsible for accidents, damage to machinery, stolen property, etc.
• I understand that any items won by a non-executing bidder will be resold at the next scheduled auction or can be picked up by the seller within one week following the auction; and that there is no recourse toward the auction company.
• Checks will be ready 10 business days after auction & mailed unless picked up in person.

• I understand that I am liable for all purchases made on my registered number and further agree to make settlement in full for said purchases, including applicable sales tax and fees, on auction day or a handling fee will be added to my invoice and due.
• All purchases are to be paid for in full on day of auction and prior to removal from the auction site. Cash accepted. Handling charges may apply on credit card and personal checks.
• All auction articles are sold “As Is - Where Is”. Warranties or guarantees are strictly between buyer and seller - not Martin Auction.
• Martin Auction assumes no responsibility for accidents, stolen or damaged property. Items left at the auction site are at the owner’s risk.  
• Auctioneer in charge will settle any disputes as to bids and that decision will be final. Auctioneer also reserves the right to accept or reject bids at his discretion.
• I understand that Martin Auction (or any of its divisions) shall have the right to collect attorney fees, interest and/or collection costs and disbursements in the event that I shall default on any transaction(s) at this auction on this date in accordance with the “Terms and Conditions” set forth. Further, I agree to pay same.
• All announcements made on auction day will take precedence over all printed materials. Any item may be removed from auction without notice.
• Any items remaining after 10 days will be resold or disposed of by Martin Auction. I agree that those items are forfeited with no reimbursement to me or those I represent.  

I agree to the Terms & Conditions of this Auction as stated above.

For Sale Information or Consignments Contact us at (217) 935-3245

We want to make selling even easier!  This form will let us know what you want to sell. Make sure to fill out the required parts so we can get a real idea of who you are and what you want to sell.  Please be descriptive in your message.  Include applicable information: make, model, year, Vin/SN, taxable, condition and items you would find noteworthy.  This will be the information we use to advertise with once it reaches our lot.  If more information needs to be added at delivery we can do that while you are in the office getting your sticker number(s) for your item(s).  After submitting this form one of our staff members will reach out to you with further direction. 
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